Enogastronomic Experiences

In the heart of Singapore City Hall, Katachi is not simply a Sushi Restaurant. It is a unique place, in which every object and every detail has their own meaning, because they are elements that contribute to creating a journey to discover the enogastronomic culture of Japanese Cuisine by a team of Japanese F&B and 5 star Hotel professionals. https://burniva.com/how-to-get-fit-fast/

It is an opportunity to have an intense and enveloping taste experience, in which the aromas, the colors, the flavors, combined with a spark of inspiration and creativityuseful content, ignite all the senses. It is a place to come back to meet with friends, because whoever comes to visit us is not just a customer, he is a person to welcome, to accompany, to greet with a goodbye.

Katachi Style

Enjoy Traditional Kaiseki with focus on Sushi and gourmet a la carte menu.

Katachi Sushi

Experience authentic sushi hand-formed by a sushi artisan in a private and exclusive environment.